3 Lingerie Myths

3 Lingerie Myths
By James Crest

Yes there are myths about lingerie! Some of these lingerie myths are even held by both men and women!

Thankfully, many of the myths about lingerie can easily be disproven and much of the time, the truisms that counteract these lingerie myths can be quite exciting, alluring and interesting. Let’s discuss some of these lingerie myths and how to remedy them.

Myth #1: Lingerie is expensive. Maybe the extremely high end designers do offer a few pieces of pricy lingerie however, 99.9% of the population probably isn’t going to buy that lingerie. It’s almost more of a showpiece for the designer than anything and even the designer rarely expects their pricey pieces to be big sellers.

In reality, lingerie is affordable. Lingerie stores have incredibly well-priced, sexy lingerie for sale and they have all kinds of coupons and specials running throughout the year. Believe it or not, even high quality lingerie is more affordable than most men and women assume. These assumptions on lingerie may come from movies of rich people buying expensive lingerie for their significant others that costs in the $100’s of dollars whereas in the real world, you can purchase a full length Lace & Mesh Gown for $38.59! That’s right! You can buy a full bedroom gown for under $40 dollars! That’s cheaper than going to the movies and definitely a whole lot more memorable!

How about a teddy for $20 dollars!? For $20 dollars you get a beautifully designed bathing suit style piece of lingerie. Should you buy 3 boxes of cereal or a beautiful piece of sexy heart pounding lingerie? -Tough decision.

Myth #2: Lingerie is hard to buy. Visit my site right now and buy some lingerie, come back to this article and keep reading. Don’t worry, it’ll be quick, easy and fun! I promise. This is a time-based myth for the most part. Lingerie was somewhat of a challenge to buy before the internet. You had to go into a store, poke around and look at everything and spend hours trying to find the right look. If you were a guy, you had the added discomfort of being in the lingerie store and walking to your car with a cute little ultra-masculine bag from the lingerie store hoping you bought the right sizes.

No more! Nowadays, you can hop online, visit top lingerie stores online, browse all kinds of different outfits, find the right size instantly and get exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. This saves you tons of time and a little embarrassment if you’re a gent. To boot, many of the online lingerie stores are much bigger and carry items that regular stores in the mall don’t have!

Myth#3: The third myth is the worst myth of all. It’s the myth that lingerie won’t do anything. Nothing could be further from the truth or the bedroom! Lingerie will have an effect for sure. Rushes of excitement, elevated heart rates, wide eyes and unparalleled joy are just a few of effects a baby doll, bustier or piece of sheer lingerie can have. See what each of these items looks like if you wish at my site.

Lingerie is a true mood enhancer and stimulator is truly one of the most underrated sexual items available today. We don’t even need to prove it to you. Just imagine if a woman is standing in the bedroom in a pair of sweatpants or a lace sheer body suit or a garter belt, peek-a-boo panties and a corset. Again, this is a tough decision, what to do, what to do…I guess I’ll leave it up to you.

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